[Photo of the Beacon TUFFframe™ Tensioned Outdoor Batting Cage]

TUFFframe Tensioned Outdoor Batting Cage

It’s tough to beat a Beacon TUFFframe™ Tensioned Batting Cage. Setup and take down is quick and easy with this durable cage, and all of it happens from the ground in just minutes — no need for a ladder. These batting cage kits come with or without upright pipes, giving you the option to source pipe locally to save on shipping costs. At your request, we can also provide a wind speed rating for your netting with signed and sealed engineering calculations for any state or region in the country.


  • Standard sizes include 70′ long for baseball and 55′ long for softball by 14′ wide and 12′ high
  • Heavy-duty schedule 40 steel 4″ pipe uprights
  • Premium UV-treated knotless nylon cage nets with dual flap entrances
  • Pre-assembled net and overheadcables for quick and easy setup
  • Net is offset 3″ from pipe uprights
  • Pre-assembled ground cable kit to anchor net at base to reduce interference from wind
  • Overload protection system prevents damage to the uprights by avoiding excessive loading
  • Multiple cage designs can be configured any way you need them — single, double, triple, quad, side-by-side, end-to-end


  • Ground Sleeve Kit. For situations when the cage needs to be completely taken down, uprights and all
  • Net Protector. Net or vinyl panels hung on the batting end of the cage to reduce wear on cage net
  • Soft-Toss Attachments. Set of sock-net hitting stations and attachment hardware for one or both sides of cage
  • Artificial Turf. Rubber infill artificial turf or standard artificial turf with 5mm foam pad
  • Golf Netting. A complete golf net, or baseball / golf combo netting, will double the usefulness of your cage
  • Economy Cage Net. Imported high-tenacity polypropylene net

Standard sizes include 70′ long for baseball and 55′ long for softball by 14′ wide and 12′ high. Reference these tables for specific product codes for batting cages with or without upright posts.

tensioned baseball batting cages
with upright posts without upright posts
70′ Single Cage 105-100-880 105-100-860
70′ Double Cage 105-100-910 105-100-900
tensioned softball batting cages
with upright posts without upright posts
55′ Single Cage 105-100-870 105-100-850
55′ Double Cage 105-100-990 105-100-980

Additional products are available to enhance your outdoor modular batting cage systems. Reference these product numbers when consulting with your Beacon representative.

batting cage net protectors
5′ x 7′ Vinyl Panel (with strike zone) 105-245-329
7.5′ x 7.5′ Vinyl Panel (no strike zone) 105-245-300
8′ x 8′ Net Panel heavy gauge 1″ mesh 105-630-010
Vinyl panel or net panel is centered on the end panel of your cage.
soft-toss net kits
2 Station Kit (with post) 105-100-540
2 Station Kit (without post) 105-100-550
Two station kit can be mounted on either or both ends. An additional post needed when mounting on both ends.
pitcher’s l screen
7 x 7 Pitcher’s L 105-100-540
7 x 7 Pitcher’s L (with full padding) 105-100-550
artificial turf
Contact us for standard or rubber infill turf options.