Phantom Tensioned Indoor Batting Cage

First you see it, then you don’t. The Beacon Phantom Tensioned Indoor Batting Cage is so easy to set up and take down, it only takes two people around 5 minutes and you have nothing left hanging from the ceiling. Setup is three easy steps. Just connect the reach poles, lay out your net, hoist and lock the halyards, and you’re hitting. Take down is just as easy. Simply release the halyards, let the net drop, unhook the reach poles on the opposite end and collect up the net, and *poof!*, the batting cage disappears …


  • Standard sizes include 70′ long for baseball and 55′ long for softball by 14′ wide and 14′ high
  • Standard 1-7/8″ mesh nylon netting
  • Low-stretch tensioning cables
  • Three complete cam lock pulley systems for easy net tensioning and adjustment
  • Three reach poles to eliminate the need for ladders during set up and take down


  • Phantom™ Cage Storage Cart. When the cage needs to be completely taken down and stored the storage cart makes it easy
  • Net Protector. Net or vinyl panels hung on the batting end of the cage to reduce wear on cage net
  • Golf Netting. A complete golf net, or baseball / golf combo netting, will double the usefulness of your cage
  • Customization possibilities. Contact our Project Services Group for design assistance and pricing to get the most out of your batting cage

Standard sizes include 70′ long for baseball and 55′ long for softball by 14′ wide and 14′ high. Reference this table for specific product codes for these batting cages.

Tensioned Indoor Batting Cages
70′ Single Cage (baseball) 105-100-070
55′ Single Cage (softball) 105-100-050

Additional products are available to enhance your tensioned indoor batting cage systems. Reference these product numbers when consulting with your Beacon representative.

batting cage net protectors
5′ x 7′ Vinyl Panel (with strike zone) 105-245-329
7.5′ x 7.5′ Vinyl Panel (no strike zone) 105-245-300
8′ x 8′ Net Panel heavy gauge 1″ mesh 105-630-010
Vinyl panel or net panel is centered on the end panel of your cage.
gym floor protectors
75′ x 20′ Protector (for 70′ cage) 270-245-489
60′ x 20′ Protector (for 55′ cage) 270-245-479
Durable 22 oz laminated vinyl available in many colors.
storage & transport
Storage Cart (43″L x 28″W x 30″H) 105-745-109
10 cu ft poly cart with 4 swivel casters.
pitcher’s l screen
7 x 7 Pitcher’s L 105-100-540
7 x 7 Pitcher’s L (with full padding) 105-100-550