Net Backstop Systems

Every Beacon backstop system is uniquely designed. We take into consideration the level of play, the desired protection level, positioning within the facility, and environmental conditions. Our Project Services Group can help guide you through every step of the project. Whether you’re an end-user, an installer, or an architect, we bring over a decade of experience in designing and building net systems that are easy to use and built to last. We can provide a wind speed rating for your netting with signed and sealed engineering calculations for any state or region in the country.


  • Complete engineering analysis of structural and environmental loads (optional state stamp)
  • Engineering analysis matches structural load to footing design, where site soil data is available
  • Overload protection system can be included in the design when wind speed or weather hazards are extreme
  • Quality materials to choose from — from netting and posts to hardware, we match your budget to the best materials available


  • A dedicated trained staff to assist in all aspects of design, fabrication, and delivery
  • Design innovation improves performance, such as hoisting systems, tensioning systems, and overload protection systems
  • No-fee design support to help you with performance vs. cost considerations, system function, material selection, and support structure engineering
  • Made in the USA products allow for design flexibility, reduced lead times, and superior quality control

Tie-Back Backstop System. Maximize your spectator sightlines. Also sometimes referred to as a “cable supported” system, this backstop style puts only 4 support poles out of the way — behind the seating and down the line.

Tie-Back Backstop System


  • With out-of-the-way poles, this backstop is the least intrusive with the best, fan-friendly sightlines
  • Few ricochet hazards, if any, behind home plate
  • Raise or lower the netting and adjust tension easily from the ground
  • Top cable can connect to poles behind seating, a press box, or other existing structure
  • Net panels can extend above brick, concrete, wood, or a chain link fence

In-Line Net Backstop System. Take your facility up a notch. They increase spectator safety while improving sightlines by reducing visual obstructions.

In-Line Net Backstop System

in-line features

  • Fewer poles minimizes installation costs and reduces the ricochet hazard behind home plate
  • Fewer poles means improved visibility for spectators
  • Raise or lower the netting easily from the ground for seasonal storage or leave it up permanently
  • Design the size and configuration for any level of play

Partial Net Backstop System. The performance of existing backstops can be greatly enhanced by the addition of vertical netting. Improve your backstop in an economical way with this chain link / netting hybrid.

Partial Net Backstop System

partial net features

  • This hybrid system gives you chain-link durability at the base and protection covering a larger area with economical netting up above
  • Nets can be lowered and rolled up for off-season storage along the top fence rail — away from net-chewing rodents
  • Protection provided by existing backstops is greatly improved with properly installed net extensions