• Instant Eye down
  • Notches in the I-beam allow wings to be easily removed for storage

Instant Eye Retractable Hitter’s Backdrop

All that clutter is gone… in an instant. A “Batter’s Eye” is used in baseball and softball to create a solid, uniform, dark background for hitters to more easily see a ball being hurled at them by a pitcher. The large, static structures typically used to create this background can be expensive and susceptible to damage from strong winds. The Beacon Instant Eye takes its cue from Mother Nature. Just like trees, the Instant Eye uses reinforced wings that flex, like tree branches in the wind, to bleed off wind load thereby relieving overall stress on the structure. Each 12 ft wide unit is anchored using an I-beam. Wings travel easily up and down the beam using a manually operated winch. When retracted, the wings nest and are protected from heavy winds. Wings can be easily removed from the support beam for offseason storage. Three to five Instant Eye units are needed to create a typical batter’s eye backdrop (34′ x 56′ wide).


  • Steel I-beam support structure
  • 12′ wide retractable wings supported by flexible battens
  • Extremely durable wing fabric is made with woven black polypropylene
  • Manual winch hoist system makes setup and takedown a fast and easy one-person job
  • Removable wings allow for seasonal storage or safe storage during extreme wind conditions
  • Engineered to withstand 90 mph wind gusts


  • 20 ft or 30ft standard height
  • Stamped engineering report available for any of the 50 states at an additional charge

Standard sizes are 20 ft and 30 ft height. Typically three to five 12 ft wide Instant Eye units are installed to create an adequate batter’s eye backdrop. Reference these product numbers when consulting with your Beacon representative.

standard models
20′ Beacon Instant Eye (12’W x 20’H) 130-100-010
30′ Beacon Instant Eye (12’W x 30’H) 130-100-030